Social Responsibility

At Brodmore we believe we have a wider social responsibility to the neighborhoods we are a part of; a responsibility which goes beyond developing real estate and which addresses the evolving social needs of the communities we serve. As a result we actively seek to support development initiatives in the neighborhoods in which Brodmore invests and operates.

The Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH) Initiative

One key program Brodmore has partnered with in order to achieve the stated goal is the New York City Council sponsored Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH). The FRESH initiative provides financial and zoning incentives to support the establishment, retention and expansion of neighborhood grocery stores in areas with high documented rates of diet-related illnesses including heart disease, diabetes and obesity. To this end Brodmore has teamed up with a well known supermarket chain with the intention of developing mixed use properties which will include FRESH compliant grocery stores.

Affordable Housing

We at Brodmore believe we can play a critical role in addressing the housing needs of working families and lower income communities. One of our current developments at 181 Edgewater Street in Staten Island is expected to deliver 190 affordable housing units priced for Staten Island’s working families. Similarly, our development at 130 Union Avenue will create 34 brand new detached homes in an area of Staten Island which is currently characterized with distressed housing. Brodmore will continue to seek out opportunities to develop affordable housing solutions in addition to the high end projects which have been a key part of our success.

Engage Us

As a responsible corporate citizen we often seek input from organizations who may be able to partner with us in fulfilling our social responsibility objectives. For more information please e-mail us using the contact details below.